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Common mistakes performed by men while searching wife in Ukraine:

1. Judge women by photos. Glamorous women photos, as if they are from top models attract more attention. Those photos are cute, but they don’t mean that those ladies are better or more interesting than others. They just have better photos and that’s all.

Men do not pay much attention to results of psychological test result. But they thing is that they are going to live with woman, but not a picture. It would be a real disappoint to live with a beautiful lady, who always makes rows or does not want to sleep the man.

Recently we have held a kind of survey and we talked to a man from Spain. He was complaining about acquainting with several kiev ukraine girls via the Internet, who were amazing at their photos, but when he had met them they were just ordinary ladies, not better than those he has at his place.

While walking along the streets he saw many beautiful Ukrainian girls walking, talking to their friends, laughing, etc. But why did he meet Ukrainian girls who were beautiful at their photos, but dull and not funny in their real life? Yeah, that can happen to. If lady exhaust herself at her work she could look not as pretty as she is in a real life. By accident, all young Ukrainian girls he had met were working hard and he saw them after their working day (once it was even after lady’s night shift). Ladies whom he saw at streets were students or had holidays, etc. That is the reason of such magnificent difference!

2. The second common mistake men do while searching for Ukraine girls is the desire to have a girl with model appearance, but to be normal girls-warm, kind-hearted, faithful to live with.

Most of girls ukraine who look like models do not need real long-term relationships; they just want men's admiration, to be the center of attention. Closeness, intimacy, warmth are not their cup of tea.

Even in case there is a kind of compromise that can combine model’s appearance and warmth and comfort – it happens rather rarely. There is a joke about it: Two men are sitting near fireplace. One of them looking in the fire says. I was never married in my life. - Why? - I was always searching for a perfect woman. – So? Have you managed to find any? – Yes, but it appeared me to be imperfect man for her.

It is a sad joke but there are men who are acting like a guy from the joke. I see them on different sites for more than 10 years.

3. Next mistake is inability to make a choice! Men just can't stop (by the way some Ukraine girls also can’t to do that) in searching. The best is an enemy of good enough. They find people, meet them, everything seemed to be OK, but those men still continue to search for new women. They have a nasty idea that maybe somewhere there is a person, who is better to be with, who is more attractive, interesting, etc.

4. Men register at the site, but they don’t to bring any photo or place the one in awful quality. Sometimes men think a picture plays no role for women, as women choose the partner for words, profession and hobby of the last one. To some extend it is true, but still Ukrainian girls prefer to see the face of a person they are talking to. They don’t expect the partner to look like a model; they just want to see the eyes, smile, etc. Only after that women will read about your interests, hobbies and other information you have placed. Notice that.

5. About 50 percent of men registered at the site are waiting for Ukrainian girls to be the first, who start a contact. It is wrong method. Those men are still waiting for the girl of their dream to write them. Meanwhile the others don’t hesitate being the first to start a conversation and they really succeed. This second half of all men at site have higher chances, especially at women who do not want to be the initiators of the communication. Act, but not wait.

6. There is a wrong strategy of 10 times confirmation that you are talking to a particular woman, who wants to communicate with you. Such men send a lot of winks, receive the same in return, send postcards and winks again and again. It is boring for girls and after several winks they prefer not to answer. Those men continue to send winks without realizing they are not interesting any more for girls Ukrainian they were writing to.

7. The last mistake - men want to find a certain number of women to visit in Ukraine and they come only in case they reach that amount. Sometimes it takes a long time and young Ukrainian girls are not used to wait a long. Don’t make the interest in your personality to die because of your inability to come and to visit only one person, who can be your partner for the rest of your life.

Our advices are the best offers you should follow to find and marry Ukrainian girl

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Register at the site; put some of your best photos in a nice quality (not taken by your mobile)

Be active. Try to present yourself as a confident and energetic person. Write letters (40-50 of them would be the best for girls Ukrainian to respond you). It would help you to find out whom you feel comfortable with and who is interested in you.

Talk to several Russian Ukrainian 16 ladies you like. Monitor how they answer your mails, write them back. Be sure, you will instantly find things to talk about.

Don’t make mail correspondence to be rather long. Kiev Ukrainian girls used mostly to act, but not to talk much. They are afraid that long talks would lead to nothing. So, if you are seriously oriented about any lady ask her phone number and call her.

If ukraine girls you talk to have children ask about them. Tell them about your children. Try to talk about key points in family relationship, children upbringing, etc. That will definitely make a good effect.

If you feel like really liking the person after all your mail correspondence and phone calls – don’t waste the time, come to her place and meet her personally. Stay in the hotel, but not at her place. In case you really fall in love with each other, she will make you acquainted with her parents and children herself.

Try to arrange next meeting as soon as possible or even make an arrangement to marry her. Time waits for no man. The Ukraine girls can really love you, but she could not be up to waiting long.


Why do women register at online bride agencies? What is the reason they are looking for husband abroad?

The major reason for Kiev Ukrainian girls to register at bride agencies sites is the will to have more opportunities to find the life partner.

We guess this action proof that the girl is really seriously oriented about all this stuff and she registers at several dating sites (you can’t know beforehand which sites are good and which are not). The lady doesn’t want to wait for her happiness.

She doesn’t care if she marries a Ukrainian or Western man – she just looks for love.

2. It is quite easy to find a boyfriend in Ukraine, but it is very difficult to find a husband there. Furthermore it is indeed a real problem for ladies, who are over 30. They can want a child, marriage stability, but they don’t want to tie themselves with conjugal ties. There are a lot of men at kiev girls dating services, who don’t want to get a child, especially if he is a second one. Now it is rather expensive in Ukraine to raise a child and government help is too small, thus parents should have a nice income.

3. A lot of Ukrainian men are bad fathers and this fact hurts women. They would like to care together for child. Unfortunately the majority of Ukrainian men prefer to put the care on women's shoulders.

Americans are more caring about their children. Kiev Ukrainian girls hope that the marriage with American will be the best option for her child, as Americans are good fathers.

4. Life in America is more stable and predictable than in Ukraine. This is one of the reasons why Russian Ukrainian 16 girls try to leave Europe. They are tired of all that instability. Those ladies from kiev girls dating services just want to have a good life and not to worry about what to live for in several years. For average people the living rate in Ukraine is less than in other developed countries.

5. Many women use the agency’s service after painful divorces. They just want to leave everything behind them and to start everything from the early beginning. Those Ukrainian ladies are looking for a nice person who will love them, care for them and accept their love.

Site Features

Settings flexibility - there are a lot of useful settings at the site. You may hide your profile in case you don’t want anyone to see you in the gallery (only those ukraine girls whom you write to). You can set to receive nothing except messages (winks, postcards or ice-breaks would be blocked). You can choose to receive notifications about new messages or not.

Advanced search - you can search ladies in Ukrainian girls gallery of our database with as complex parameters as you wish. You are able to search them by city they live at, eyes color, hair color, children existence and number of them, height, weight, and by many other parameters.

Ability to make an easy contact - you can use winks, postcards, ice-breaks or just common messages to start a communication with kiev ukraine girls you like. You may put photos into your profile and send the first sign of attention to all girls Ukrainian, who are at the site. You should update if you want to continue the contact.

Matchmaking services - You may check the information in Ukrainian girls gallery, translate your letters, arrange meetings, etc.

Photo rating - you may put your picture to photo rating or vote for young Ukrainian girls pictures. It helps to find the best-looking girls. You can tell them about their appearance, contact them, etc.

Detailed psychological report - if you want to get a faithful and caring woman, you should use the offered test to find out your compatibility with girls ukraine you like. A detailed psychological report could help you to avoid mistakes in your relations. It is the nice opportunity to create nice and strong relationships that could be perfect for your both.

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